Glamis Sand Dunes

There is something so magical about massive glowing sand dunes and fields of sunflowers. There is something even more magical (in my opinion) about creating everlasting memories with the desert sun beaming down on you and the crazy wind blowing in your hair.

Growing up I called Glamis my home almost every weekend. I would like to say the desert has become a huge part of me and holds some of my fondest memories. There is nothing quite like riding up giant, majestic sand dunes, leaving nothing but dust and tire marks in your wake. And although the wind quickly comes to smooth over any trace you may have left behind, the feeling you had will never fade, because it is so riveting, so precious, so perfect.

I believe this is why I am a photographer. To capture how you felt in some of your most precious moments so that you will never forget. Combining these two things made this shoot with Iris & Ivan one of my favorites to date. Also aren’t they just the cutest couple ever???


These are amazing! Ive alwaYs waNted to touch the sand there. It seems lile it’s so soft.

Amazing 😍

Ive fOllowed your work from the start and hands down woludn’t even consider hiring someone eLse. Your Art is beautiful! My boYfriend and i have shared a sPecial friEndship for 10 years and we don’t have any professional photos and many empty frAmes, 2020 we’re going to change that! Can’t wait to book with you!

These are amazing! Would love to do a shoot here. Grew up riding the dunes here all day as a kid. You’re slaying the photography would!

Ok it has been awhile since I’ve visited your website and I am OBSESSED it looks amazing Paris! If you weren’t already so good before, you have only gotten better with every shoot you do!!!!! I’m also obsessed with all these desert pics and when you post them, it makes me forget my hatred for sand!!!! You are too dang good Paris!!

Your work is ABSOLUTELY stuNning! Im an asPiring photographer and if i can take photos As beAutiful As yours id be so happy and so prOud! I Get so much inspiration looking at your photos and it makes me want to grab my camera and run outside and start Clicking. I hope one Day i can get my photos taken WIth my boyfriend
by you! ❤️😩😍

AMAZING!!!! I’m so obsessed with your work i can not wait to be working with you next year!! These pictures are epic! I wanna be in the sunflowers in the dumes and alll this things! I love it and your work so much😍

Shes really cool and Patient . You are really talented aNd would like to do it again.

I absolutely loving shooting with Paris!! She’s such an amazing talented photographer who makes you feel comFortable behind the camera and to work with. Paris is incredibly easy going and such a sweet person.

Love you Iris! Thank you so much!

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