Intimate La Jolla Wedding

Michelle & Philipp are some of the most adventurous people I have ever met.

Michelle is from San Diego and Philipp is from Germany. They met in England during a semester of their masters program in outdoor studies and later lived together in Germany for about 2 years after finishing school. They shared a house with 12 other Germans which helped Michelle begin to understand and start to speak German.

They are each other’s adventure partners and feel most alive when they are making a long trip together by sea kayak, on foot with rucksacks, on cross country skis with all their gear packed on their backs, or cycling. One of their favorite things to do on their trips is play the ukulele and harmonica together at a fire underneath the stars. They love each other’s energy and authenticity and laughter and eyes and patience and perspective and so so much more, and I certainly do too!!I


Love you paris youre the best!!!! Youre my photograp for life!

My fiance and i booked paris. We are constantly looking at her pictures and are so excited for her to be there for our big day! My fiance is obsessed with the anGles, the lights, and the vision. We are so excited!!!

Thank you for commenting! So excited to work with you to capture your special day!

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